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Title: La fortuna della poesia ellenistica nelle Dionisiache di Nonno di Panopoli
Tutor: Di Marco, Massimo
Rengakos, Antonios
Keywords: Nonnos and hellenistic poetry
Reception of hellenistic poetry in late antiquity
Nonno e la poesia ellenistica
Fortuna della poesia ellenistica nella tarda antichità
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2012
Abstract: The thesis investigates the imitation of the main Hellenistic poets in the Dionysiaka of Nonnos of Panopolis, the most important late antique poem known to us. The examination of the concerning passages shows clearly that Nonnos wasn't simply looking for stylistic borrowings of limited extension, but imitated extensively Bucolic poetry, Apollonius Rhodius, and Callimachus. As his purpose was to create a new, Dionysiac epos, whose content and inspiration were widely different from those of Homer (whose poems were notwithstanding an obliged model for a piece of greek epic poetry, and exercised a strong influence on the Dionysiaka), Nonnos sought inspiration in the works of Alexandrian poets, who had already faced the challenge of writing on new themes and in a new way, though remaining in the tradition of exametric (or elegiac) poetry. The way the author of the Dionysiaka imitates his Hellenistic models testifies a deep comprehension of the models themselves, and of the peculiarity of Alexandrian poetry in general.
Description: This PhD was a cooperation between the University of Rome Roma1-Sapienza and the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki (Greece).

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