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Title: La rappresentazione del paesaggio come lettura semiotica
Tutor: Roma, Biagio
Keywords: paesaggio
Issue Date: 14-Dec-2012
Abstract: Today, the need to protect and to know how to read such identities becomes a way to ensure the survival of an important wealth, made of material and immaterial inheritance. Therefore, in this research the landscapes are not only considered as a group points, lines, areas, but also as a system of relationships that ties together the elements. This system of relationships makes the landscape a carrier of meanings that should be decoded. Then, the purpose is to read, translate and represent a text that describes the relations between things, and the field of work is the perception. For this purpose I used the semiotic reading. For the interpretation of the landscape we have to recognize the signs that become meaningful. In this case study (the Park of the Aniene in Rome) I faced a semiotic reading divided into four steps. In the first phase, considering the visual perception, I identified some signs (significant in the semiotic meaning). In the second phase I identified signs expressions related to their morphology but observing them far away from the topic content In the third phase the topic content comes up again as the core of the relationships among the signs and as the center of the attribution of the meanings (semantic features). In the fourth phase I investigated the relations between meanings and the way they help to create an image of the landscape. This can be done through an identification and a representation of the perceptual identity of places. The representation corresponds to the process of perceptual semiosis. In facts, the representation depends on the perception of the senses but it’s also deeply tied to the meaning.
Research interests: rappresentazione del paesaggo, analisi del territorio, lettura semiotica
Personal skills keywords: paesaggio, territorio, semiotica, identità territoriale, architettura del paesaggio

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